How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience – How do you get a job in medical sales or break into medical sales without direct experience? Well, start considering some of your inexperience as your experience. Even if you’ve worked outside of the medical field, chances are you have some sales or marketing accomplishments in another field. If you can sell your potential employer that your previous outside experience is sufficient, then you are ready to enter the world of medical sales.

Here are some tips on how to get a medical sales job with no experience and break into the world of medical sales:


How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

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What Is A Sales Representative?

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How To Progress Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career

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How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

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Entry Level Medical Sales Representative Resume Examples And Templates For 2023

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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Example & Writing Tips For 2022

Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not yet been categorized. We’ve examined the career paths of over 500 associate medical device sales reps, carefully documenting the steps they took to achieve their coveted medical device. device sales role.

Although it depends on the company, the vast majority of intruding associates (68 percent) have no experience selling medical devices.

From our research, it’s clear that having a background in medical devices is helpful, but by no means necessary to secure a role as a medical device sales associate.

How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

If you’re still in school, consider an internship at a medical device company in its sales department. We’ve done a detailed post on how to fix it here, but here’s a top 10 list.

Medical Device Sales Resume: Actionable Guide With Examples

Seattle, WA; Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Gainesville, Florida; Greensboro, NC; Irvine, CA; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA; North Haven, CT; Raleigh, NC; Austin, Texas; Boston, MA

Ideally, you can secure an internship for the summer and receive a full-time offer to become a sales associate upon graduation. If you can’t secure an internship in sales, try to secure an internship in marketing or operations. Once you get your foot in the door, you can build a business case for moving into sales after graduation.

A physical medical device is produced by a medical device manufacturer. In some cases, such as Stryker, DePuy Synthes and Medtronic, medical device manufacturers hire their own sales departments. In other cases, such as Arthrex and Zimmer Biomet, the medical device manufacturer does not have its own vendors. Manufacturers outsource sales operations to smaller companies that are solely responsible for selling the product – this smaller company is known as a distributor.

Distribution companies can range in size from a one person operation to a 100+ person operation. There are thousands of distributors across the country.

Who Are The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In The World? (2023)

If you want to get your foot in the door selling medical devices, a distributor would be a great place to start. The barrier to entry is often lower because these are smaller operations.

Contact the owners of these distributors and submit your value proposition. Instead of asking for a role, tell them how you can help their team and grow their business.

My name is [Your Name] and I work for [Current Role] at [Current Company] where I have developed a tremendous work ethic and meticulous track record while cultivating strong client relationships. I am applying because I want to move into medical device sales, specifically to help your sales team at [company name].

How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

Can you do a quick 15 minute phone call to discuss the opportunity? Thank you in advance for your time and attention. I have attached my resume for your convenience.

Steps To Becoming A Medical Device Sales Rep

Almost all of the related profiles we reviewed had two things in common: strong interview preparation and 0-5 years of experience in sales, marketing, customer service, customer-facing roles, or clinical experience with a successful track record.

If you’re aiming for an associate role, having experience in sales or marketing is a great indicator of success. As previously mentioned, sales or marketing experience does not necessarily have to be related to a medical device. The workers and hiring managers don’t care about the industry. Rather, he or she focuses on your core sales or marketing skills.

A few exceptions to this rule are if you have a clinical background (eg nurse practitioner, physician assistant), are an athlete, or are a former military member. Employers tend to value the skills that this experience requires, so you can bypass the sales or marketing experience prerequisite.

Fear not if you missed the boat when applying for internships, have no sales or marketing experience, no clinical background, and are not an athlete or ex-military. You can still break into selling medical devices. Rather than applying directly for a medical device role, we recommend spending 1-2 years in one of these sales roles to build your resume and then make the leap.

Medical Sales Resume Examples & How To Guide For 2023

Write down a list of all existing network members who: 1. sell medical devices or 2. are doctors who use medical devices. Leave no stone unturned.

Your networking efforts may not only include your current network, but also lose acquaintances and alumni. Use LinkedIn to connect with recent graduates breaking into medical device sales. Go to your university’s LinkedIn page, click on “Alumni” and enter the names of the companies you are applying to. Scan the profiles for titles like “Sales Assistant,” “Sales Representative,” and “Sales Consultant.”

Once you have a clear goal, go ahead and start your outreach efforts. Track every conversation in a spreadsheet with notes. Be diligent with follow-up messages and thank-you notes.

How To Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales Without Experience

If you’re interested in further developing your networking strategies, check out the Strategic Networking section of our comprehensive course. We cover how to effectively connect with key stakeholders, what specific questions to ask, how to identify job postings, and most importantly, how to attack your closing strategy. All emails the mail templates and scripts you need are shared.

How To Become A Medical Sales Rep & Build A Successful Career As One

We’ve written a full article here on how to best structure your medical device sales resume. We’ve outlined some of the main topics of conversation below.

Setting up your resume for medical device sales is incredibly different from other sales positions you may have applied for. If you submit the same resume for a medical device sales role as you would for a SaaS sales role, you will likely be outmatched.

The meat of your resume should relate to your experience. The relevant experience section should list relevant professional work experience from most recent to most recent. Focus on evaluating your most important achievements.

Start each bullet with an action phrase. Successful action phrases include: “XX% of planning done…”, “Assessed customer needs to exceed key objectives…” and “Negotiated contractual agreements with X vendors…”.

How To Get Into Medical Sales: Career Path, Salary, And Jobs

The skills section should be sales or clinical only. Provide a brief description of each skill competency.

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