How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba – If you want to sell products on Amazon and want a full ‘hands-on’ experience, then you will need to ship products to an FBA warehouse so that Amazon can fulfill your order.

To do that you’ll need to know how to set up a shipping plan on Amazon. And, we’ll be honest – it’s not the easiest way the first (or tenth time!) around.


How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

Amazon will ask you questions you may not have answers to, and use terms you may not have heard before.

Everything You Need To Know About Prepping And Managing Fba Shipments

But fear not, in this article, we’ll break down the new and updated ‘Shipping to Amazon’ process step by step so you know exactly how to ship to Amazon FBA.

Getting this process right means you can have inventory in store ready to sell as quickly as possible.

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One of the best things about Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program is that you can ship products directly from your customers to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Creating An Amazon Fba Shipping Plan To Easily Manage Shipments

That means you don’t have to fill out the instructions yourself or find anywhere in your house to store boxes up to the ceiling!

However, if you are using a private label and want to ship directly from Alibaba suppliers to Amazon FBA fulfillment companies, you will need to follow these steps:

We’ll outline the necessary preparations for each step in the shipping process below, but if you already have one and just need to Ship to Amazon, go through that process here.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

You must first ensure that the products you want to ship to Amazon are set up to be fulfilled by Amazon.

How To Buy Products From Alibaba And Sell On Amazon 2023

To do this, create a list of your products, then on the Manage Inventory page click on the drop down next to the edit menu and select ‘Edit Fulfilled by Amazon’.

If it’s a product that’s available and only offers the option to ‘Change Fulfillment by Merchant’ – like the example above – then you’re already in the right place for FBA accounting – a winner!

However, once you create a barcode number, you can use it to create an Amazon listing but then use the Amazon FNSKU barcode on your product to help track your product.

To generate your Amazon FNSKU barcode, go to the product mentioned on the checkout page and click the down arrow next to the edit button.

Pitfalls Of Fulfillment By Amazon (fba)

Then you can download the amount you need, save it as a PDF and send it to your customers so they can use the barcode label.

For a better, more branded experience, create customized products and include Amazon barcodes in the packaging so you don’t have to stamp each piece – especially professional!

Once each part is made and labeled it’s time to get the bulk product packaged and ready to ship to FBA fulfillment centers.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

Ask your supplier to pack your product in two or three cartons. The second wall will be cheaper, but the third wall will provide more protection.

Amazon Fba: Is It Worth It For Amazon Sellers?

If your products break or are easily damaged in transit then you may want to consider other protectors such as corner protectors.

A freight forwarder is the person who will arrange the shipment of your products to your Amazon FBA store.

Shipping companies are experts in their field and make sure everything is done on time, with all the relevant paperwork, and the best is worth its weight in gold!

Once you’ve got your product made, packed and ready to ship, the freight forwarder can log in and do every part of the process that gets your product to Amazon FBA.

How To Ship To Amazon Fba From China

Also, it’s worth checking with a trusted shipping company before making an Amazon shipping plan because they may have specifics that you need to include in the plan.

Once you’ve found these things, it’s time to create an Amazon shipping plan with a new Amazon shipping job!

The Shipping to Amazon workflow is what Amazon FBA sellers can use to schedule shipping in Seller Central.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

Launched in 2021, Ship to Amazon was created to simplify the process of creating a shipping plan on Amazon and replace the traditional shipping/filling process.

How To Create Fba Shipments In Bulk

Amazon sellers operating in any business model – whether private label, bulk, or arbitrage – will need to use this feature to import products into Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

From October 2022, Send to Amazon jobs are the only way to create new products with the original method no longer available.

The shipping/replenishment option via the checkout page now adds a shipping option to Amazon, but this menu may be removed over time.

To find the Shipping on Amazon job, first, go to Amazon Seller Central and the FBA Shipping menu. You can click on the icon to add to your middlemen.

How To Send Products To Amazon Fba

This will bring you to the Submissions page where you will find a list of all your current submissions. At the top of the screen, you will find the ‘Ship to Amazon’ option.

Click this and you will have three steps to complete the process. Let’s go through each one in detail so you know exactly what to do.

The first step in your Shipping to Amazon job is all about choosing the FBA inventory you want to ship to.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

There are a lot of specific things you need to see here, so let’s take them one by one.

What Goes Into Prepping Items And Shipping To Amazon Fba?

First, you need to enter a ‘Ship from’ address that lets Amazon know where the product is coming from.

If you use ocean shipping and ship to Amazon directly from your customers then the easiest thing to do is to use your store address.

If you would prefer not to enter that information into Amazon Seller Central you can always ask the supplier if you can use their address instead.

If you are shipping to a warehouse or your own home, use your shipping address instead of an international address as this will give you the same shipping options as using Amazon’s shipping services.

How To Sell On Amazon Fba For Beginners

When you use an address Amazon will save it for later use. If you have multiple Ship from addresses make sure you have one selected to get the best shipping options later.

Next, the easiest step in the whole process – choose the Amazon FBA marketplace you want to ship your products to.

The only time you really need to check this is when you plan to ship FBA to Europe as due to the integrated markets you can select other EU markets in this dropdown.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

Amazon requires you to enter details for each box you ship to the FBA store and there are two options – to ship in individual units or packaged units.

Fba Shipping From China To Amazon

In most cases, you’ll only want to select individual parts if you’re shipping a number of different SKUs in the same carton – such as in an online auction or bulk shipment.

If this is your goal, select the ‘Individual ID’ option from the ‘Packing details’ menu, then click on the ‘Configure and set the necessary details’ link.

Select the appropriate preparation category (usually ‘No preparation required’, but double check) and check the additional requirements.

Wherever possible though, you’ll want to ship in a single-SKU box that allows you to choose which parts are packed best – a great way to save time.

Ship To Amazon Fba

Check out the preparation phase and get it right, give your packaging template a name and viola – it’s saved for you to use every time you create your next post… big time!

Clarify with your supplier ahead of time that you will need to pack cartons to match each collection and contain the same number of parts each time.

Then set the order size according to the units for each carton so that you are not left with an odd number of units and the final carton with different packing information to enter.

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

Once you’ve entered all the packaging information for each product in your FBA shipment, enter the number of boxes you’re shipping for each SKU and click the ‘Prepare to Ship’ button.

Amazon Fba Warehouse: Benefits And Common Shipping Mistakes In 2022

If you are sending items packed in a case you can click ‘Confirm and continue’ to go to the next step, or if you are sending parts individually click ‘Packing parts’ to enter further information.

Choose whether you will combine everything in one box or if you need multiple boxes and fill in the data box for the option of your choice. If you will need more boxes you can choose the size of the storage and related details as needed.

The next stage of the process asks you to confirm how the shipment will be sent to Amazon.

There is nothing complicated here – choose when you expect your product to be shipped. You can choose the next day’s date for convenience.

How To Use The New “send To Amazon” Workflow For Fba Shipments

SPD is Small Parcel and as the name suggests includes products that arrive on Amazon in individual cartons. This is good for small shipments.

LTL is Less Than Truckload and involves multiple cartons packed on pallets which is the preferred shipping method for bulk shipments.

The most common method is to ship goods to China in cartons,

How To Ship Items To Amazon Fba

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