How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

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Vintage adidas sportswear from the 70s. Hummel figurines collect dust in your curio cabinet. Children’s clothing and accessories left over from your kids (who may or may not be in college now). What do all these things have in common? All of these items can be sold for good money on eBay! Learn how to sell on eBay and get maximum profits.


How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

These eBay tips are useful for people who want to make money selling things online – things they don’t want and/or who are thinking about starting a savings business!

How To Make Money On Ebay Without Selling Anything (is It Really Worth It?)

A little background on me: I’m just an ordinary mom who started making an extra $1,200 a month on eBay, simply by selling my clutter.

I started making money from my junk after an old-fashioned cleaning session after I looked around and wondered what I was going to do with all my junk.

For the first few months of selling (while I was still learning the ropes) I could count on bringing home $400-$600 a month – not a bad side hustle for a mom who sells her junk a few hours a week between nap times!

After setting up a store and dedicating more time, I was able to start bringing in over $1,000 a month on eBay (and often more), all for just an hour or two of work every other day!

Steps To Make A Living Selling On Ebay

When I shifted my professional focus to blogging, I realized that my blog was the perfect platform to help others – even beginners – learn how to start making money on eBay.

To start selling on eBay, you need to set up your eBay account for immediate success.

To sell on eBay, you will first need to create an account (if you already have a buyer account on eBay, you should still read this section to make sure your account is set up correctly to sell on eBay).

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

Buyers generally want to pay the lowest dollar price and have plenty of options and sellers to choose from unless what you’re selling is extremely rare.

Best Selling Products On Ebay Uk In 2022 2023 @dropship Academy

In fact, you can list any item at any price on eBay, and the asking price doesn’t have to be realistic.

I could name a beat up left shoe with dog poop stuck to the bottom for a million dollars if you wanted!

If you want your items to sell well on eBay, you can’t charge more than the total amount charged by your competitors (that means item price + shipping cost = total buyer cost).

How do you know what others are charging? I used eBay’s advanced search function, which we’ll discuss in the next tip.

How To Determine What To Price Your Ebay Items: 4 Steps

The exception to this competitive pricing rule would be if you have thousands of positive buyer reviews or are a highly rated seller with a satisfaction rating of 100% or thereabouts. Buyers find comfort in these numbers and may be willing to pay a little more.)

EBay makes it easy to check the recent sale prices of any item; Even if you can’t find it

When researching prices, it is important to search for items by retail price and not by list price.

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

The price is on eBay but that doesn’t mean it will sell for that price (no dog poop shoes).

Here’s Exactly How To Sell On Ebay (and Make $1,000 A Month!)

Here’s how to use eBay’s advanced search to check sale prices; I’ll use Max Mara’s camel coats as an example (if you have one of these, you’re a lucky duck – they sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars!)

Remember, you cannot charge significantly more than a competitor for similar items unless your item is in better condition or you have a much higher amount of excellent reviews as a top rated seller.

Once you have set your target price (remember the selling price in green) or price range, you can move on to the next step; List your item on eBay.

Check out this list of 49 eco-friendly ways to dispose of things instead of throwing them in the trash!

How To Find Top Selling Items On Ebay: The Ultimate Guide

Now, other experts might tell you that if you want to make money on eBay, you need to open an eBay store – and I agree with that.

If you have a pre-existing account and have built up some positive reviews, even as a buyer, you may want to go ahead and open a store on eBay.

However, if you’re just starting out on eBay with a brand new account, I recommend waiting to open a store until you have some sales and reviews under your belt.

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

Buyers on eBay have a lot of choices. If they see a big zero next to your user account reviews, they’re less likely to buy from you – and that’s what happens!

How To Sell On Ebay: 10 Tips To Get You Started

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes; If you (as a buyer) are looking for something to buy, whether it’s eBay, Amazon, etc., wouldn’t you also want to see reviews from previous satisfied customers before purchasing?

You can get rid of things you no longer need, make some money, and get some buyer reviews. As a new seller, people are less likely to buy something from you than someone with 50,000 positive reviews – so offer attractive items at great prices!

Garbage days are scheduled like clockwork for a specific day of the week – these days, you can often find crazy amazing things outside ready for the garbage men to pick up!

Watch this YouTube video on how to find high-profit items to sell on eBay (including one item I found worth over $2,000!)

What Sells Best On Ebay? And The Best Things To Sell For Profit 2023

Even broken or non-functional items can be sold on eBay, as long as you are open and honest about the condition.

Take vacuum cleaners for example; They are big and bulky, and the shipping cost alone will eat up a lot of your profits. Also, most people don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work anyway!

You can sell parts like the motor, cleaning accessories, hoses, filters, etc. – often for the same price as buying a new vacuum yourself!

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

Buyers are willing to pay a little more for a replacement part because it saves them the cost of purchasing a whole new product (like buying a replacement Dyson kit after yours is lost in transit, rather than paying $500 for a brand new vacuum).

What Sells Best On Ebay: Top Selling Items On Ebay

Besides being great for selling electronics and appliances, this method also works well for children’s toys and accessories.

For example, I was able to disassemble and sell all of these different parts from an old Pack ‘n Play Playard for the cost of a brand new PNP ($80 retail price).

It’s important to use keywords to describe your item so that people looking for exactly what you’re selling can find your listing — and you only have 80 characters in your eBay listing title to do that, so you have to be strategic.

Now that you know which keywords you should use, let’s compare a great and not-so-great title for the same listing:

Top Selling Items On Ebay: Best Things To Sell Online In 2023

If you’re feeling stuck, take a moment to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Pretend you want to buy the specific item you’re listing — how do you search for it? What words will you use?

Even after you’ve published your listing, you can pretend you’re a regular buyer looking for something like your item and perform a search, then see how close you are to the top results that your item returns.

If you can’t find it at all, or the results are really low, you’ll need to tweak it. I’ve gotten listings to go from page five to page one just by adjusting the keywords in the title.

How To Start Selling Items On Ebay

(If you do well, your photo will not only appear high in the eBay search rankings, but it will also have a chance to appear in the Google Shopping search rankings!)

How To Sell On Ebay: Advantages, Disadvantages And Cost

For the listing description, you’ll go into more detail regarding the item you’re selling. Paraphrase all information in your title with more detail. If you’re selling clothing, be sure to take measurements, such as armpit to sleeve length and inseam length.

Write a description that answers every question a buyer could have so they don’t have to ask you at all.

Feel free to check out other similar listings to see what types of details they put in their descriptions if you need a starting point.

You want to be completely honest with your buyers so that they get exactly what they expect when they receive the product. This will reduce the possibility of returns as well as negative reviews on your account.

Selling On Amazon Vs Ebay In 2023

The Ergo Organic Baby Carrier used with an infant attachment still sells for a pretty penny, although there are some black marks on the attachment which are noted by

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