What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage

What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage – Getting pre-approved for a mortgage makes it easier for you to buy a home because the seller knows they can close more quickly. To get pre-approved, you need a series of documents to show the lender that you are able to meet the terms of a mortgage. This gives you an advantage over other home buyers who haven’t gotten pre-approved and often increases your chances of being chosen in the event of a bidding war. It’s something that should be on a home buyer’s checklist. So, what do you need for pre-approval?

The exact set of documents needed for mortgage pre-approval varies depending on the lender and the type of loan you are applying for. However, you can expect to provide a key set of personal documents to fill out the loan paperwork. This information is used to verify your ability to repay the loan along with meeting other mortgage lending criteria. Pre-approval for a mortgage can also go through the underwriting process even if you haven’t made an offer on a home. There are several ways to get pre-approved to buy a home, and a mortgage expert can help you learn more about your options.


What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage

What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is similar to the mortgage process, but with fewer steps. The main purpose of getting pre-approved is to know how much you can spend on a home and to speed up the processing of the actual mortgage once your offer is accepted. It’s worth taking the time to get pre-approved because of the advantage you get when looking for a home to buy. Below is a look at the documents needed to pre-approve a mortgage.

What Do I Need For Mortgage Pre Approval? 7 Documents

A mortgage pre-approval is when a lender reviews your financial situation to determine how much money they may be willing to lend you for a home. It also tells you how much home you can buy and eliminates the unwanted surprise of being told you can’t borrow the amount you need when you apply for a mortgage.

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The pre-approval process is similar to applying for a mortgage in that you show proof of your income, assets and debts. Even if you don’t get financing to buy a home, the lender needs to determine the amount of money it can safely pre-approve. After the lender determines the maximum amount you can borrow, they will send you a letter that you can show to the seller and increase your chances of going into contract on a home.

It’s worth noting that a pre-approval letter isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you’ll be able to get a mortgage. You may be able to get your pre-approval revoked if there is a significant change in your income. However, if there is no change in your income between the time you get pre-approved and signing the contract, the amount you get pre-approved for should hold up when you apply for a mortgage.

Understanding Mortgage Pre Qualification Vs Pre Approval

In general, it takes approximately 10 business days to get pre-approved, but the type and complexity of your loan may lengthen or shorten this time frame. The time it takes to get pre-approved can potentially shorten the length of time it takes to finance a mortgage after an offer has been accepted.

You will need the following documents to properly prepare your mortgage documents for pre-approval and avoid making mistakes. The following list of documents can be used as a checklist to help you get everything in one place and ready to go.

Lenders must be able to verify your ability to repay the mortgage, including through a pre-approval letter. Lenders may require the following documents to verify income:

What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage

If you have valuable assets or currently own property, you may need to show proof of ownership or declarations. Some assets considered for pre-approval include IRAs, CDs, stock market investments, 401(k), and mutual funds. Cash or equivalent funds that present declarations demonstrating their existence are also valid. Last but not least, you can include any physical asset that can be sold to generate money, as long as you have a title or something to prove ownership.

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You can get one free credit report per year from credit rating agencies, but your lender can also pull your credit report with your permission. A credit report contains information including loans you have taken out for various purposes, current balances on your credit cards, and other miscellaneous debts you have incurred over the years.

Your credit report also shows your credit score along with any late payments or defaults you have made. A high credit score helps you get better repayment terms in the form of a lower interest rate and other loan incentives. Late payments or defaults tend to stay on your report for seven years before disappearing and will affect your credit score if they are not resolved. It may be a good idea to check your credit before filling out loan documents for mortgage pre-approval.

Bank statements include all outstanding debts. This includes student, personal, and auto loans, credit cards, and any other outstanding debt you are currently paying off. This is to get an idea of ​​your debt-to-income ratio and helps determine how much you can borrow.

In case you are looking to buy a house and move away from renting, you will need rent payment history and references from your current landlord. If you have moved often, you may need to obtain references and payment history from multiple landlords.

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You may or may not be required to show rental history and obtain a reference from the landlord. Using rental history as part of the pre-approval process is not an industry standard, but it’s a wise idea to have that information on hand in case it’s requested.

Have you received a monetary donation for a down payment from a relative, friend or acquaintance? In that case, you may need a gift letter from the person who gave the gift. A gift letter states that the money in your account is the result of their gift to you. This is to document that the money came from as a gift and not from another source such as a loan.

Not everyone can get approved for, or wants, a traditional mortgage to buy a home. Non-qualified mortgages may offer better terms or benefits than a traditional mortgage. However, you can still get pre-approved for non-QM loans and non-conforming loans.

What Documents Do You Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage

Pre-approval for non-conforming mortgages requires documents that are not required for a traditional mortgage. For example, if you are a military veteran and want to get a VA loan, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the branch of the military in which you served. Or, if you want to take out a bank statement loan, you may need to provide bank statements from an earlier time period to prove your income.

Get Pre Approved

Getting your mortgage documents together and organized before requesting a pre-approval with Griffin Funding makes the process less stressful. Taking the time to keep all of your financial documents on hand saves you time when filling out your mortgage paperwork. The lender will then review your application and determine how much home you can afford. Preparation also reduces the risk of errors that can delay pre-approval processing.

At Griffin Funding, we want to help you purchase your dream home. Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our loan specialists and learn more about our pre-approval process. We offer a range of mortgage products that include non-QM loans and can help buyers apply for an FHA loan when they don’t have a large down payment for a home.

Our loan experts can also help first-time buyers take advantage of first-time buyer programs that provide various forms of financial assistance and make it easier to afford a home. Get in touch with us to find out more about the different types of mortgage products that may be available to you.

Bill Lyons is the founder, CEO and president of Griffin Funding. Founded in 2013, Griffin Funding is a national mortgage lending boutique that focuses on providing 5-star service to its clients. Mr. Lyons has 21 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Lyons is considered an industry leader and expert in real estate finance. Lyons has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Wall Street Journal, HousingWire and more. As a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Lyons is able to keep pace with industry changes to deliver the greatest value to Griffin’s clients.

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